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11 Dec Generate Leads Using Display Ads Tailored to Niche Forums

Most digital marketers should be familiar with display advertising on the Google Display Network, if not actively utilizing it as part of their overall digital strategy. The most effective way to use this advertising method is in conjunction with remarketing lists to recapture web visitors or previous converters. One of the least effective ways to utilize display ads is through pure impression based advertising across the entire display...

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marketing strategy

28 Nov The Importance of Marketing Strategy & How to Avoid Strategic Failures

Defining Your Marketing  Strategy Marketing strategies are simple in theory. The more you begin to flesh them out, however, you'll find there are a lot of details easily overlooked. More often than not, these overlooked details are what hold you accountable to a successful strategy, and also keep you honest to two very simple questions: one, did you successfully execute what you initially set out to? And two, did...

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artificial intelligence

20 Nov How AI Will Change PPC in the Next Two Years

In late 2016, information technology research company Gartner revealed its top 10 predictions for IT organizations and users over the next coming years, a couple of which caused a stir amongst those in the digital industry. The predictions left them anxiously wondering what the future held and how it could affect the everyday processes they currently implement. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was at the heart of these predictions, and...

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13 Nov Facebook Moving Towards More Ad Transparency

After tracing 3,000 ads back to Russian entities, Facebook has unveiled sweeping changes to how it handles advertisements. Though political integrity is the focus, Facebook acknowledged the update will impact all advertisers. The social media empire announced in a recent press release, “We’re going to make advertising more transparent, and not just for political ads”. Once the transparency measures go into effect next summer in the U.S., every Facebook...

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social media audiences

06 Nov How Understanding Different Social Media Audience Demographics Improves Marketing

Social media serves an important role for any online marketing mix today. With so many social media platforms, managing a business's marketing initiatives on each one is time-consuming, making it hard for brands to know where they should focus their efforts and how to prioritize the different sites they’re marketing themselves on. So which social media platforms should be given marketing priority for a business? The answer varies based...

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holiday shopping trends

19 Oct Marketing Trends To Be Aware of Going into the Holiday Season

As the weather starts to cool, marketers prepare for the busiest time of the year. By the time consumers first start thinking about the gifts they’ll be buying for loved ones this holiday season, you want to be at the ready with holiday campaigns that put your products front and center and encourage prospects to buy. To make sure you reach the right people in the right way to...

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