Paid Search Marketing

Results-Driven PPC Marketing

Paid search is all about determining a searcher’s intent, displaying ad copy relevant to that intent, and then directing the searcher to a landing page with a clear path to conversion. The phrase a customer searches for indicates where they are in the purchasing funnel and how interested they are in your products or services. By correlating keywords and bid rates closely with the value that a visitor presents to your business, we’re able to effectively manage search campaigns in the most profitable way possible. This strategy allows us to scale traffic while increasing conversion rate and ROI.


Our experience in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has shown that the most effective campaigns are the ones that incorporate the unique aspects of your business. We pride ourselves on taking an “in-house” approach:  we learn the ins and outs of your business so that we can reach your target audience, structure effective landing pages, build relevant keyword groups, and create compelling ad copy.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing


Each client engagement begins with a thorough review of business goals, current marketing strategies, historical performance, and competitive environment.


After gaining an understanding of your business, we design an online marketing strategy that uniquely delivers on your marketing goals.


We put our strategy into action using industry-leading campaign management software to deploy campaigns correctly and efficiently to the appropriate paid media channels.


Through hands-on, daily maintenance, we ensure clients get the greatest ROI and are first-to-market with the best new paid search strategies.