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06 Nov How Understanding Different Social Media Audience Demographics Improves Marketing

Social media serves an important role for any online marketing mix today. With so many social media platforms, managing a business's marketing initiatives on each one is time-consuming, making it hard for brands to know where they should focus their efforts and how to prioritize the different sites they’re marketing themselves on. So which social media platforms should be given marketing priority for a business? The answer varies based...

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holiday shopping trends

19 Oct Marketing Trends To Be Aware of Going into the Holiday Season

As the weather starts to cool, marketers prepare for the busiest time of the year. By the time consumers first start thinking about the gifts they’ll be buying for loved ones this holiday season, you want to be at the ready with holiday campaigns that put your products front and center and encourage prospects to buy. To make sure you reach the right people in the right way to...

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16 Oct Top 5 Amazon Updates You Need to Know in 2017

It seems that Amazon adds amazing features to their sites, apps, and devices every week. From upgrading seller marketing abilities to storefront redesigns, 2017 has been the year of rapid-fire innovation for the e-commerce giant. Among their many software and website updates, here are the top 5 that marketers can’t afford to miss. Amazon Sellers Will Soon Be Able to Add Videos To Their Product Listings...

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11 Oct Recent Safari Changes Disrupt Attribution

Now and then, companies make updates that put marketers in a tough spot. Google did it when they stopped sharing the bulk of organic search term data with Google Analytics users, switching out the numbers with a “Not Provided” message and making it much harder for marketers to perform an SEO analysis. Now it’s Apple’s turn to make marketers worry. Their recent iOS and macOS updates change how...

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twitter for business

26 Sep What Twitter’s Expanded Character Limit Means For Marketers

The 140-character limit has long been considered Twitter’s defining trait, setting the social media channel apart from its heavy-hitting competitors (e.g. Facebook and Instagram). And now they’re considering abandoning it. A Bump up to 280 Characters Late last month, Twitter began to test doubling the standard 140-character limit. The update initially became available to a small group of users so the company could observe the outcome. The social media channel’s...

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11 Sep Amazon Expands its Advertising Options

Amazon is in the news almost every day as it grows its empire in broad strokes. For many businesses, this is concerning – with the wide array of products they sell, Amazon’s in competition with just about everyone. But one of the big directions they’re moving in is one that can benefit a lot of the businesses currently worried. The online behemoth is working hard to grow their...

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