Digital Marketing Analytics

Holistic Data Analysis that Pinpoints Performance Drivers

What sets online marketing channels apart from more traditional marketing channels is their unique ability to capture thousands and thousands of data points. And what sets Effective Spend apart from other online marketing agencies is the ability to make sense of those zillions of data points and drill down to the true performance drivers. With our holistic approach to analyzing website traffic, content, visitor paths, and landing pages together with search engine data, we supply our clients with actionable insight into what is and isn’t working.


Website Analysis

As the online market place has grown in complexity, so have the web analytics tools and the data integrated throughout. Our strategists ensure that each implementation and setup is customized to the client’s goals and strive to boost improvements in ROI. Sound web analysis can help optimize marketing campaigns, re-architecture websites and landing pages for improved conversion rates, and accurately forecast how media dollars should be allocated for online advertising. Additionally, web analytics can give insight into:

  • The extent to which an advertisement participated in the conversion path
  • Which section / category of the site is generating the most value
  • Which website path is the most efficient at producing conversions
  • How different customer groups behave
  • Where to place tests and how those tests perform

Conversion Optimization

Launching PPC campaigns based on thorough research is only the first step to achieving profitable results. Most of the work in ensuring higher ROI comes after the campaign is active and collecting data.

Our conversion optimization services improve the effectiveness of your website and PPC campaigns in converting visitors into customers. Some examples of our conversion optimization services include:

  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Multivariate & A/B Landing Page Testing
  • Ad Copy Testing
  • Customized Portfolio-Level Bid Management
  • Cross-Channel Optimization with Multiple Credit Attribution
  • Day Parting, Geographic and Demographic Analysis & Optimization

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