Effective Spend Case Study:
TUSHY Bidets Clean Up With Google Smart Shopping

TUSHY is revolutionizing the American bathroom category with an affordable, modern bidet attachment that upgrades human hygiene and reduces wasteful toilet paper consumption.

Tushy Case Study Background

TUSHY wanted to expand their online market share, but faced a crowded marketplace dominated by several well-known brand names. The client’s existing Google Ads campaigns were performing at high conversion rates and meeting their cost per acquisition goals. However, the client was struggling to support their aggressive growth plans while maintaining efficiency.


Effective Spend implemented Google Smart Shopping campaigns to expand TUSHY’s reach. While standard Google Shopping campaigns are limited to the Google Search network, Smart Shopping reaches customers across the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail, as well, thereby dramatically increasing the number of ad placement opportunities.


With increased reach came increased brand awareness, exposing new audiences to the TUSHY brand and driving an increase in top of funnel traffic. To re-engage and convert these new visitors, Effective Spend utilized the Dynamic Remarketing capabilities unique to this type of Shopping campaign.


With Smart Shopping, the team was able to scale while keeping customer acquisition costs within goal. Smart Shopping campaigns apply Google’s machine learning to optimize toward the top performing ad creatives channels and audiences. As an additional measure, Effective Spend enabled the Target ROAS bidding option, enhancing the campaigns ability to maximize revenue while maintaining a profitable ROAS for the client.

After launching Smart Shopping, TUSHY’s bidet sales grew by 4x while staying within profitable CPA thresholds. Revenue from click-through attributed sales increased by 332% in Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018. Additionally, the increased placement opportunities associated with the Smart Shopping campaign resulted in a 569% increase in impressions leading to increased brand awareness year over year.

Graph Up with More Space569%

Increase in Impressions

Speedometer with Space4x

Increase in Bidet Units Sold

green dollar sign icon332%

Increase In Revenue

Due to the success of their Google Ads campaigns managed by Effective Spend, TUSHY was able to expand their product line to portable bidets and sustainable towels and toilet paper. Additionally, a percentage of the sale from each TUSHY bidet benefits their giveback partner, Samagra Sanitation. Thanks to their cost-effective online growth, TUSHY’s donations have helped more than 30,000 impoverished families in Pune, India, gain access to clean latrines. Furthermore, TUSHY was able to achieve its goal of becoming a carbon neutral company.

“Our website traffic and revenue have increased markedly since the engagement began, while customer acquisition costs have remained steady. ”

-Andy Stone, TUSHY Growth Marketing Director

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