Effective Spend Case Study:
Scaling Pinterest Sales With Automated Ad Creative & Bid Management

With a catalog of over 500,000 lighting and home furnishing products, Bellacor’s design-centric audience relies on Pinterest. Having limited Pinterest reach or engagement, Bellacor looked to us to improve their social media strategy. Effective Spend leveraged Kenshoo Social, a platform which automates the creation, management, and optimization of highly-targeted social marketing campaigns.

bellacor case study

Effective Spend looked to Kenshoo to help scale their Pinterest advertising campaigns for Bellacor, a top 500 Lighting and Home Furnishings Client of theirs. With over 500,000 products, the team was struggling to get exposure for Bellacor’s vast assortment on the social platform. Prior to partnering with Kenshoo, the normal workflow to get a Pinterest ad live was to manually create and upload individual creative for each product or small group of products, and when those products went out of stock or discontinued, there was no automation to ensure those ads were paused.


Automated Campaign Build Outs: Kenshoo’s automated work flow allowed Effective Spend to easily copy over existing Google Shopping campaigns into Pinterest, saving hundreds of hours associated with manual creative uploads, and immediately gaining exposure on the majority of Bellacor’s product catalog across Pinterest.


Enhanced Reporting: Pinterest reporting was limited, making it difficult and time consuming to compare metrics across other marketing channels such as Facebook and Google. By standardizing metrics within Kenshoo, Effective Spend could easily understand daily performance, allocate budget based on respective performance between each channel, and automate reporting sends to key stake holders.


Bulk Bid & Budget Optimization: Effective Spend was able to improve bid and budget management workflow within the Kenshoo interface, which enabled the team to improve reactive times to both high and lower performing elements. The improved efficiency led to greater overall ROI, and reduced wasted media spend.

By partnering with Kenshoo, Effective Spend increased tracked sales within the Pinterest platform by 784%, while seeing the highest Pinterest engagement metrics to date. Performance overall has exceeded Bellacor’s expectations, and the team is looking to double spend in 2018 as a result.

green dollar sign icon784%

Increase in Click Revenue

Graph Up with More Space144%

Increase in Traffic

Speedometer with Space98%

Increase In Click ROAS

“Since launching Pinterest Shopping ads and utilizing the Kenshoo platform with Effective Spend, our Pinterest revenue has tripled on an improved ROAS. We are thrilled with this success and excited to expand even further with our agency and technology partners.”

-Lisa Becchetti, Bellacor Director of Customer Acquisition

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