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Promoting Your Videos With YouTube Advertising

Social media platforms are embracing (and even preferring) video content more and more. But, let’s re-focus on the ORIGINAL social video platform – YouTube! Whether your goal is to drive sales or promote your own personal channel, don’t let your video content collect dust in a dark corner of the web. Let the world see it! In this session, you’ll learn the practical insights you need to get started with YouTube advertising. We’ll cover audience targeting, ad formats, success metrics and much more!

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Amazon Marketing Tips
Effective on Amazon
How to Get More Amazon Reviews

On October 3rd, 2018 our team launched a brand new YouTube Channel called “Effective on Amazon” to help sellers and marketers increase their sales and revenue on Amazon. The short 5-10 minute episodes will cover a range of topics, including how to improve product listings for better conversion rate, how to rank higher in Amazon search results, how to run effective Amazon advertising campaigns and everything in between, providing actionable tips you can put into practice right away.


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