Why Hire Us?

Why Hire a Search Engine Marketing Company?

Many businesses manage their paid and organic search marketing campaigns in-house. Pay-per-click (PPC) platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads are designed so that anyone can sign up and start buying keywords in just minutes. However, search marketing has become incredibly competitive. There are enormous amounts of data to analyze and several layers of complexity that the average business owner or marketing manager just doesn’t have time for.


PPC campaigns that are run incorrectly can be extremely costly. Poorly managed SEO can often cause more harm than good, possibly decreasing your search engine rankings or, in the worst cases, even getting your website banned from search indexes altogether. For many businesses, it is far more cost effective to partner with a professional online marketing company for management and reporting of their PPC and SEO marketing efforts.

Industry Leading Technology

At Effective Spend, we use only the best search marketing management software. A well-run, optimized search strategy can often mean dealing with thousands of keywords, and each keyword can often have hundreds of different data points to consider. The more data you can analyze when making optimization decisions, the greater competitive advantage you will have. This translates directly into higher ROI. Managing search marketing campaigns without optimization software often results in leaving profit on the table and difficulty in scaling your campaigns.


Good technology, however, can often be too expensive for all but the largest marketing budgets. By managing a multitude of client portfolios together under our agency umbrella, Effective Spend can easily meet software licensing thresholds and realize lower variable costs that we can then pass on directly to our clients. These reduced variable costs, together with the advanced optimization and management functionality that these software tools provide, help our clients achieve an even higher ROI.

Why Us?

At Effective Spend, we take an “in-house” approach to marketing your business. By creating a continuous, open line of communication, we are able to develop a truly customized approach that fits your overall business goals and results in a much greater positive return on investment.


This type of anti one-size-fits-all approach is a key difference that sets us apart from other internet marketing agencies. Although we employ industry best practices, we understand that it is the unique things about your products and services that set you apart from your competitors and allow us to achieve the best possible ROI for your business within search and other online advertising channels.

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