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Amazon is changing retail, and brands can no longer sit on the sidelines. We bring a holistic approach to scaling Amazon sales by optimizing assets across the purchase funnel to maximize profits.

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How To Win The Buy Box

Learn the 5 most important factors that influence the buy box and practical tips for increasing your buy box percentage. Winning the Amazon Buy Box is key to competing against other Amazon sellers and growing your sales and revenue. For more practical tips, read our blog post How to Win the Amazon Buy Box.


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A well-optimized product page will increase your search rankings, buy box percentage, traffic, and conversion rates. Optimization for rankings and conversion on Amazon, however, is much different than for global search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). On Amazon, the searcher’s intent is clear: a customer is on Amazon to shop and is ready to purchase. This narrows the scope of optimization to concentrate on factors leading to that purchase. Keyword optimization, competitor differentiation, and showcasing your product in the best light possible with high-quality images and content are of high importance to maximizing your share of sale within the categories you serve.

Competition is growing exponentially on Amazon, making the strategies to rank significantly more complex. The tactics of last year are not the same ones that will get your products ranking this year. This is where our team of experienced SEO’s come in. We take a comprehensive approach to keyword research, taking data from Amazon-specific tools, as well as from Amazon programs such as AdWords and Google Analytics. We measure the competition of each keyword and overall search volume within Amazon to choose the best phrases to apply to the product title, description, bullets, and overall content on the product page. We then factor in the specific competitors that are selling the same, or similar, products to further understand what will drive conversion and a higher overall market share within that category.

After the pages go live, we constantly monitor keyword rankings, sessions, and conversion rate to iterate the optimization strategy for continued improvements rankings and sales.

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Competition within Amazon PPC advertising is increasing, driving up costs and decreasing ROI. More advanced campaign management strategies are necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Additionally, advertising on Amazon can serve many purposes, so a well-crafted strategy that considers not only the direct ROI of the campaigns but the overall lift of the Amazon business, is critical to compete and win in this space.

At Effective Spend, we provide a complete and comprehensive advertising service offering:

  • Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns across entire product catalog
  • Full management of Headline Search and Product Display Ads
  • Implementation of campaign management technology to scale performance
  • Comprehensive analytics and total Amazon business intelligence (includes non-paid data)
  • Custom weekly dashboards; business level overview and product detail performance trends
  • Manual and Automatic holistic campaign management using match types & negatives
  • Tailored strategies for new product launches that incorporate organic rankings
  • Cross-platform performance monitoring and budget forecasting

“Effective Spend has been crucial to our success on Amazon. With their partnership, we were able to exceed our growth goals this year, and plan to double the Amazon budget next year.”

– Shanil Wazirali, CEO – Roomify


Amazon has led the retail ecommerce industry in product reviews since its inception. In this crowded marketplace, a good product rating results in higher conversion rate, top organic rankings, higher advertising ROI, and overall higher margins. A passive approach to reviews on Amazon, however, will not cut it. Just like your product pages, pricing and promotion strategy should be well thought out,and  so should your approach to review management. Our team can help with:

  • Product Review and Seller Feedback Monitoring
  • Positive review solicitation
  • Negative review prevention
  • Harvest review insights to use on product pages and ads
  • Real-time negative review alerts
  • Amazon compliant email automation
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In-House Approach In-House Approach

Our agency was founded with the idea that the best account performance comes when our account teams are a true extension of our client’s business. At Effective Spend you will not find the typical lines drawn you might think come with an agency, rather our approach goes beyond the accounts, and strives to do whatever necessary for success.

Account-Based Profit Sharing Account-Based Profit Sharing

We fully align client goals with that of our account team by rewarding top personnel with a share of their account’s billings. The program helps us to retain the best and brightest managers within the industry, while ensuring that they have skin in the game.

Experience Experience

Our agency was founded on search engine marketing over a decade ago, and has an industry leading record in retaining personnel.  Unlike some of our competitors, you will get seasoned veterans directly managing your accounts, and a strategic team overseeing that has over 100 years of combine digital experience.

Transparency Transparency

Exact details of all media purchased and the resulting data associated with those purchases are fully and openly shared with clients, including all rates paid, granular performance metrics, and anything else the clients may need.

Data & Technology Data & Technology

Underpinning each of our services is a data layer with custom integrations directly into each advertising channel, and further integrated into our business intelligence reporting. Sitting on top of the data integrations are automated alerts, actions, and dashboard reports that help our account managers do more within analysis, optimization and reporting.

Risk-Free Partnership Risk-Free Partnership

We bring custom service agreements to all clients based on what we believe is necessary to reach success.  We further reduce risk by ensuring that our work stand on its own with month to month agreements, whereas most agencies in the space lock clients into 12-month minimum term agreements.



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