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5 Trends that will Move Mobile Marketing in 2020

“Influencers that are using direct response measurements . . . are going to continue to find success, but the influencers that were measuring on likes are going to struggle to understand how to optimize their efforts for success and justify their value to their clients.”

-Brian Wulfe, CEO

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4 Steps to Prepare Your PPC Campaigns for Voice Search

“As a society, we are continuing to build a deeper, at some times questionable, relationship with our smart devices and, as a result, have begun to converse with these handheld or virtual assistant devices as if they were humans.”

-Paula Thompson, Digital Media Director

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How Yogi Berra Can Improve Your SEO in 2020

“Content creators should focus on crafting experiences for the user, not Google. In the early days of Google, SEO pros used tricks to improve rankings. As Google gets smarter, fewer of these work. Answer specific questions and create positive user experiences. You will play into what Google seeks now, and in the future.”

-Greg Barkely, SEO & Digital PR Director

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How to Approach Search Marketing Using PPC Advertising and SEO Services

“Older audiences are generally more skeptical of the internet. They grew up at a time when brand advertising was everything – the golden age of TV and radio advertising. It makes sense, then, that they approach a search results page with caution and skepticism.”

-Natalia Wulfe, CMO

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7 Trends that Show 2020 will be a Make-or-Break Year for Marketers

“As the digital ad market matures and growth rates dip, Amazon could become more of a pay-to-play platform. Organic reach is declining on established platforms and will likely also decrease for the e-commerce giant. This trend will only be exacerbated if Amazon continues to face little direct competition.”

-Brian Wulfe, CEO

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How Dofollow and Nofollow Links Impact SEO

“When a highly ranked website links to a lower ranked site with a dofollow link they are passing along their ‘link juice,’ boosting the value of the lower ranked website’s value to the search engine.”

-Natalia Wulfe, CMO

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Pinterest for Business: Everything You Need to Know

“When people are using Pinterest, they are often actively typing in searches to find what they’re looking for. On traditional social media, on the other hand, the audience is passively browsing the site.”

-Brian Wulfe, CEO

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More Insights from Our Marketing Blog

More Insights from Our Marketing Blog

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