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Social media marketing campaigns managed like you’ve never seen. Our methodology isolates customer segments, builds unique strategies for each audience, and programmatically activates users to drive direct response.

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The foundation of any social media marketing strategy is targeting. At Effective Spend we take a data-focused approach to understanding as much as possible about your target market. We build comprehensive audience targeting strategies by profiling your ideal customer persona and understanding their demographic and psychographic information. This tactic enables us to craft highly relevant ads, choose the best social network, and secure placements where your target market is most likely to engage successfully with our ads and convert.

Building out audience segments based on a sound methodology and grounded in accurate data is just the beginning. By segmenting your target audiences, aligning creative, and allocating bids and budget according to the resulting ROI of each segment, we set the foundation for an ongoing audience optimization process. This results in continued improvement in targeting, pruning out lower performing demographics, and including additional targeting proven successful through sound testing. Tracking the underlying metrics closely sets us up to get ahead of audience and ad fatigue, which is very common in social media and often leads to swings in week-to-week performance.

The ongoing audience optimization process allows for predictable improvement of the key performance metrics, promotes transparency in factors driving that performance, and sets the stage for clear optimization actions that our team continuously executes to ensure campaigns stay ahead of the competition.

“Since launching Pinterest Shopping ads with Effective Spend, our Pinterest revenue has tripled on an improved ROAS. We are thrilled with this success and excited to expand even further.”

– Lisa Becchetti, Director of Customer Acquisition – Bellacor


The success or failure of ad creative often has less to do with the actual creative itself than the relevance of that creative to the audience who sees it. At Effective Spend we identify audience opportunities driving the creative development process based on the information we have about each audience. By tracking various ad engagement metrics, we strive to understand the actions of users to develop a clear improvement plan for each metric with multivariate ad testing. Developing unique ad creative for each micro persona and adapting it to fit into each social network drives relevancy scores that outperform the industry, leading to lower ad costs and higher overall ROI metrics.

We offer a comprehensive set of creative services, but also support successful partnerships with clients who prefer to bring their own creative. In either scenario, our account managers take a comprehensive approach to ad creative ideation based on sound, applicable data. We provide specific direction in the creative process, which we believe serves as the main driver of a successful social creative strategy.


Your target market is likely spending time on a variety of social media platforms, using multiple devices to access those platforms, and engaging with each of those platforms differently. It’s important to maintain a customized strategy for each, allocating budget appropriately based on corresponding ROI, and utilizing customized creative that natively fits with each specific platform.

Effective Spend’s paid social advertising management ensures an optimal placement strategy with creative, budget, and messaging that aligns with each placement. Our ongoing optimization process re-evaluates placement metrics constantly, reallocating budget according to KPIs for continuous improvement.

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In-House Approach In-House Approach

We believe the best account performance occurs when our account teams serve as a true extension of a client’s business. At Effective Spend, we don’t abide by the typical lines drawn in regards to how far we’re willing to support our clients. Our approach goes beyond the accounts and strives to do whatever necessary for success.

Account-Based Profit Sharing Account-Based Profit Sharing

We fully align client goals with those of our account team by rewarding top personnel with a share of their account’s billings. The program helps us retain the best and brightest managers in the industry while ensuring they have skin in the game.

Experience Experience

Our agency was founded on search engine marketing over a decade ago and has an industry-leading record in retaining personnel. Unlike some of our competitors, our clients benefit from seasoned veterans directly managing accounts, as well as a strategic team with over 100 years of combined digital experience.

Transparency Transparency

Exact details of all media purchased and the resulting data associated with those purchases are fully and openly shared with clients. This includes all rates paid, granular performance metrics, and anything else clients may need.

Data & Technology Data & Technology

Underpinning each of our services is a data layer comprised of custom integrations with each advertising channel. Sitting on top of our data layer is a comprehensive business intelligence suite with automated alerts, actions, and dashboard reports that enable our account managers to dive deeper and go further with every client’s business.

Risk-Free Partnership Risk-Free Partnership

We bring custom service agreements to all clients based on what we believe is necessary to reach success. We further reduce risk by ensuring our work stands on its own with month-to-month agreements, whereas most agencies in the space lock clients into 12-month minimum term agreements.





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