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Paid search was our first love. We go way back and we’re committed as ever. Though we’ve grown to support many more digital acquisition channels, paid search continues to be the cornerstone of our PPC marketing services.

Effective Spend’s Comprehensive Paid Search Management Includes:

24/7 Campaign Tracking & Optimization

Best In Class SEM Ad Tech

Ad Copy Creation & Testing

First-Party Audience Remarketing

Demographic Targeting & Segmentation

Cross-Channel Attribution

Real-Time Competitor Monitoring

Offline Integrated Conversion Tracking

Sale, Lead & Call Tracking

Custom Business Intelligence Reporting

Geotargeting & Dayparting Analysis

Algorithmic, Portfolio-Based PPC Bid Management

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Paid search advertising for e-commerce is a specialty in and of itself, and we’ve built an expert team focused on staying ahead of the latest PPC marketing strategies for e-commerce.

We find the right mix of search and shopping campaigns that will achieve the best click thru rate, conversion rate and ROI for our clients. We overlay these foundational e-commerce tactics with smart search remarketing audience strategies to achieve the most efficient results.

But, our services don’t end with campaign management. A shopping campaign is only as good as its product feed, and a less than optimal cart and checkout experience will hurt conversion rates. That’s why we take our partnership to the next level, providing in-house product feed optimization and CRO consulting that supports a solid paid search strategy.


“They don’t feel like a separate contractor. I feel like they’re part of our business, and they share our goals.”

– Russ Kerscher, Senior Global Product Marketing Managert – Veeam


Paid search marketing is a critical part of any lead generation strategy. But we understand that a lead, no matter how warm, does not equal a sale. So, we ultimately judge our performance on sales, revenue and ROI rather than on raw leads alone. Our full-funnel approach to PPC advertising engages the target audience at multiple stages in the sales funnel, not only driving new lead acquisition, but also helping to nurture them toward the final sale.

With search, unlike any other channel, we can precisely match the customer’s intent to where they are in the sales process. Whether they’re just beginning their customer journey or they’re at a critical decision point, we understand what they’re looking for and work closely with your content marketing team to deliver the most relevant content to engage them in that moment.

To gain insight into your sales funnel, our business intelligence team works closely with your marketing, sales and data teams to integrate your CRM data into our reporting. With a clear picture of how leads are progressing through the sales funnel, we can better optimize our campaigns and strategies, leading to continuous performance improvement.

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In-House Approach In-House Approach

We believe the best account performance occurs when our account teams serve as a true extension of a client’s business. At Effective Spend, we don’t abide by the typical lines drawn in regards to how far we’re willing to support our clients. Our approach goes beyond the accounts and strives to do whatever necessary for success.

Account-Based Profit Sharing Account-Based Profit Sharing

We fully align client goals with those of our account team by rewarding top personnel with a share of their account’s billings. The program helps us retain the best and brightest managers in the industry while ensuring they have skin in the game.

Experience Experience

Our agency was founded on search engine marketing over a decade ago and has an industry-leading record in retaining personnel. Unlike some of our competitors, our clients benefit from seasoned veterans directly managing accounts, as well as a strategic team with over 100 years of combined digital experience.

Transparency Transparency

Exact details of all media purchased and the resulting data associated with those purchases are fully and openly shared with clients. This includes all rates paid, granular performance metrics, and anything else clients may need.

Data & Technology Data & Technology

Underpinning each of our services is a data layer comprised of custom integrations with each advertising channel. Sitting on top of our data layer is a comprehensive business intelligence suite with automated alerts, actions, and dashboard reports that enable our account managers to dive deeper and go further with every client’s business.

Risk-Free Partnership Risk-Free Partnership

We bring custom service agreements to all clients based on what we believe is necessary to reach success. We further reduce risk by ensuring our work stands on its own with month-to-month agreements, whereas most agencies in the space lock clients into 12-month minimum term agreements.





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