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Effective Spend Launches New YouTube Channel for Amazon Sellers

Effective Spend is excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel, Effective on Amazon. Each episode gives Amazon sellers and marketers actionable tips they can put into practice right away to increase their sales and revenue on Amazon. The short 5-10 minute episodes will cover a range of topics, including how to improve product listings for better conversion rate, how to rank higher in Amazon search results, how to run effective Amazon advertising campaigns and everything in between.

The channel is hosted by Effective Spend’s own resident Senior Amazon Strategist, Jared Scott, who has been working with Amazon sellers over the last three years, selling everything from chargeable backpacks to giant blocks of Himalayan sea salt!

“When I first got my start on Amazon, I read all kinds of blogs and forums to learn the basics,” said Jared, “but when it came to intermediate and advanced Amazon strategies, written content just wasn’t cutting it. I found I was going to YouTube more and more to find how-to videos where I could hear from other sellers and actually see visual, live, step by step examples of the concepts they were talking about. We started the Effective on Amazon channel to get more great video content out there for sellers.”

Effective Spend has plans to grow and expand the channel, posting new episodes every two weeks. The first five episodes are now live, with a sixth episode coming soon.

“Our primary goal is to make our episodes useful and relevant to sellers,” said production manager, Natalia Wulfe. “We chose YouTube because we really want to encourage sellers to leave comments and questions about the problems they’re having on Amazon so we can create videos that will help answer those questions.”

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Watch our first five videos now!

Episode 1: How to Get More Amazon Reviews in 2019

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Episode 2: Calculating Your TRUE Amazon Conversion Rate

Calculating Your Amazon Conversion Rate Video Thumbnail

Episode 3: Amazon Account Suspension: 3 Things You MUST Include in Your Appeal Letter

Amazon Account Suspension Video Thumbnail

Episode 4: How to Win the Amazon Buy Box in 2019

How to Win the Buy Box Video Thumbnail

Episode 5: Amazon Account Health Metrics Explained

Amazon Account Health Metrics Explained

*Effective on Amazon is not affiliated with Amazon.com, Inc. (DBA Amazon) or sponsored by Amazon.com, Inc in any way. The opinions and ideas presented in these videos are solely our own.

Natalia Wulfe

Natalia joined Effective Spend in 2011 and has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the company. She brings more than 15 years of marketing expertise, with both agency and in-house client experience. After 6 years of leading an expert PPC advertising team, Natalia currently runs internal marketing and people operations. A proud Austin native, Natalia holds an advertising degree from UT with a concentration in media planning. She enjoys sharing the wonders of her weird city with her two young daughters.